The Feminine Penis

After reading an article in the London Post about transsexual escorts and how for some clients ‘climaxing with a transgender escort is not only a sexual act that they have paid for, but a very sacred act between two people in a very intimate and delicate manner.’


Maybe this is the reason why a trans escort would charge extra for this service and the client will be more than willing to pay for this? Who knows.


The truth is little is known about men’s sexual desire for and erotic attraction to male-to-female transgender women. We found a fascinating article entitled ‘The Role of the Illusion in the Construction of Erotic Desire: Narratives from Heterosexual Men Who Have Occasional Sex with Transgender Women.’


Actually it is more of a study, which examines the narratives of a sample of heterosexual men who had an occasional sexual encounter with a transgender woman. The findings are incredibly interesting, if not altogether surprising.


Let’s face it, today’s society is being misled somewhat by mainstream porn, which implies anyone with a penis, be they cis men, non-binary people, or trans women, prefer intense, rigorous stroking until they squirt semen. While not every trans woman uses estrogen, many (if not most) of us do, and their bodies work so much differently than cis men’s on hormone replacement therapy (or HRT).


The truth is, however, cisgender women are just as prone to cis men when it comes to believing and regurgitating these unrealistic stereotypes, often based on Tinder hookups and just general interactions with cis girls and couples on Tinder, and, of course, the highly fetishised pornography where girls with thick, throbbing cocks shoot wads of cum.


There’s a complete lack of even basic understanding of trans people, how their medication works. Some trans women have penises but feel uncomfortable using them during sex. Others are fine having their cocks touched but refrain from topping or penetrative sex. And many trans women are post-operative and do not have penises at all; instead, they have vaginas.


In some cases, non-operative trans women have a penis (which they prefer to call a “clit,” “cock,” or “girldick”) and have elected not to change their genital configuration. Because HRT feminizes their bodies, their clits often have soft, thin skin that prefers gentle stimulation. By all extents, it’s a feminine penis.


And, anecdotally speaking, many so called punters express a desire to have sex with a trans woman if she possesses physical characteristics that are stereotypically feminine. Many explain the importance of viewing their trans woman sexual partner(s) as ‘real’ women or cisgender women. Some are able to incorporate trans women into their personal definitions of women, while others emphasise the differences between trans women and cisgender women and do not perceive trans women as ‘real women.’



The Role of the Illusion in the Construction of Erotic Desire: Narratives from Heterosexual Men Who Have Occasional Sex with Transgender Women


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