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Carla offers a relaxing massage and she really ticks all the boxes for me. The visit was set up by text with the minimum of fuss. Carla travels all over London and within a few minutes of me giving her my postcode, came back with a very accurate estimated time of arrival. When Carla arrived and I opened the door, it was one of those “Wow! I really wish I was 30 years younger” moments! She’s absolutely gorgeous, in a kind of girl-next-door way. Apart from being lovely, she really knows how to give an expert, relaxing massage, applying just the right amount of pressure. I enjoyed the way her hands gradually moved closer and closer to those most intimate areas, without actually touching. It really got me aroused. And when it came to the best moment of all, it was more intense than any I’d experienced before. I really recommend Carla to anyone who likes massage. If you treat her politely and respectfully, she will give you a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see you again!

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