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Happy Ending: Why The World Can’t Wait For Human Touch Again

During lockdown it may have become normal to prefer to masturbate over having sex with a partner, but people are beginning to appreciate that they’re missing the touch they did have. According to a recent article in Playboy by Grindr’s sex columnist Bobby Box, “some men prefer masturbation to sex, but will never admit it.” […]

Redefining the Happy Ending Massage

According to award-winning sex educator and coach Ashley Manta, in Playboy, “hand jobs are underrated for two main reasons: lack of enthusiasm and lousy PR. People with penises believe that no one could ever give them a better hand job than the one they give themselves. This may be the biggest sexual misconception ever. A […]

Sexy Massage in London

Is it accurate to say that if you are searching for a London Sexy Massage ,you know kind of young lady that turns you on and knows precisely how to rubs you up the correct way : ) Well look no further than those advertised than in London Contacts, where we have the ultimate sexy […]

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